The technological improvement in the production phase helps to reduce the production time and to increase the quality of the results.

The accessory manufactures are all those productions requiring specific machineries and technologies in order to produce a mechanical component of finished precision.

With materials and technologies in continuous evolution, to improve the realization times, Meccanica Precisa factory has decided to work also in all the manufacture phases on the semi-finished product.

Quality and precision are in this manner guaranteed from the planning to the intermediate phases, up to the conclusion of the manufactures and the delivery of the finished mechanical product.


The micro shot peening is a manufacture, which allows giving a finished item a better aspect. In case of manufacturing made of stainless steel 304-316, the micro shot peening prevents the oxidation of the metal through a sanitation.

The micro shots peening treatment can be executed both in phase of material preparation and during the process of finishing of the worked part.

The micro shot peening takes place through specific machineries, which allow the worked piece to obtain a better aspect and to realize a sanitation process preventing the metal oxidation created by:

Inside the precision factory Meccanica Precisa there is a micro shot peening machine with ceramic and glass spheres with a work field of 1000 x 700 mm.


During the manufacturing process of mechanical parts, interventions of assembly are required. For that reason, inside the accessory manufactures, available in the precision factory Meccanica Precisa, there are machineries for the manual soldering.

The soldering process allows the fusion of two parts or junctions, through the direct fusion (autogenous soldering) or through a supply metal (brazing).

The connection between the two parts is permanent and it can take place manually thanks to the intervention of a specialized worker.

The choice of the soldering typology comes mainly from the kind of manufacturing and of the material used for the piece realization.

The machinery inventory of the precision factory Meccanica Precisa hosts manual welding torches TIG MIG and autogenous for the soldering – brazing process.

The materials and the pieces worked inside the precision factory Meccanica Precisa pass through all the production phases, to the finishing, up to the delivery, in order to guarantee a service complete and efficient with a continuous monitoring of the all manufacture phases and production of components.


The grinding of a worked material allows to finish a piece and to remove the remains and all materials in excess collected during the manufacturing.

After the roughing procedure, which allows removing the biggest part of the visible remains, they proceed with the grinding, which allows to reach the form and the optimal surface of the worked piece, obtaining a high grade of finishing.

The precision factory Meccanica Precisa hosts inside its machinery inventory a tangential grinding machine for the finishing of worked materials.



EN9100: an essential warranty for AS&D sector

In 2019 we completed all the necessary procedures to obtain International ISO 9001 and EN9100 certification. This achievement opens the door to new opportunities and new industrial sectors such as aeronautical, space and defense (AS&D), by guaranteeing high quality production standards.

AS/EN 9100

AS/EN 9100 quality certification is an essential standard for aircraft construction and all related systems, components and equipment.

The standard includes the same requirements as ISO 9001 and moreover all the specific prerequisites of the aeronautical sector such as quality, safety, reliability, standardization and repeatability, guaranteeing a standard process for every areas of the supply chain.

After more than 15 years of hard working, we wanted to increase the value of our skills and our professionalism, offering a high-quality standard production even to the most demanding customers.

Furthermore, this certification requires mandatory and controlled procedures for the components production, guaranteeing standard and repeatable cycles